Build, ship, and run distributed apps using Docker 1.12!

With Docker 1.12 we’ve added new API objects, like Service and Node, that will let you use the Docker API to deploy and manage apps on a group of Docker Engines called a swarm. As a participant of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon we encourage you to hack the new features included in Docker 1.12, such as: Swarm Mode, Cryptographic node identity, Service API, and Build-in routing mesh. An extra point will be rewarded to each submission that includes a bug fix or contribution to Docker 1.12!

NEW: we just created a SLACK team for the Docker Community and a dedicated channel for the Docker 1.12 hackaton. Follow this link to sign up and receive your invitation to the slack channel. 

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  • Individuals who are at least the age of majority where they reside
  • Teams of up to 3 eligible individuals (including teams representing an organization)
  • The Docker 1.12 Hackathon is global but residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Brazil, Quebec, and Italy are not eligible to win prizes.

How to enter

  1. Download Docker 1.12 or access it via Github.
  2. Build, ship, and run a distributed software application using Docker 1.12. You may use Docker 1.12 to build, ship, and run a new or existing app.
  3. Create a video (not longer than five minutes) that includes footage that clearly explains your application’s features and functionality through a comprehensive demonstration, and explains how you used the Docker 1.12 features.
  4. Complete and enter all of the required fields on the “Enter a Submission” flow during the Hackathon Submission Period. Include links to any pull requests on Github to fix bugs or contribute features to Docker 1.12 (this is optional but could win you an extra point).


Phil Estes

Phil Estes
Docker Captain - Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Cloud Open Technologies

Laura Frank

Laura Frank
Docker Captain - Senior Engineer, Codeship

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta
Docker Captain - Vice President, Developer Relations at Couchbase

Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman
Technical Evangelist at Docker

Mano Marks

Mano Marks
Director, Developer Relations at Docker

Judging Criteria

  • Fit
    Does Docker improve the project or fundamentally enable it?
  • Efficiency
    Is this implementation small in size, easy to transport, quick to start up and run?
  • Integration
    Does the project fit well into other systems, or is it sufficiently complex itself to be its own system?
  • Transparency
    Can other people easily recreate your project now that you’ve shown how? Is your code open source?
  • Presentation
    How well did you present your project in the video? Does the video convey your hack clearly and do you cover all the important points?
  • Usefulness
    Popular vote on how many would people would use your hack. So keep your audience in mind!
  • Longevity
    Can the project be improved / built upon?
  • Bonus Point!
    If your submission includes contributions and bug fixes to the Docker 1.12 Github repository your final score will be allotted one extra point.


  • DevOps
  • Productivity